Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Grandma Morgan

Dear Grandma,

I had a great time playing with the blanket you made me and the cute bag. After dinner tonight, I spent a good hour dragging the bag around, putting my socks in it and carrying around the doll size version of the bigger blanket you made me. I tried hopscotch on the squares, put it on my head to play peek-a-boo and tried it on like a bib. I covered the dog, tried it out as a pillow and tried just about anything I could think of.

I will be taking the blanket to the hospital with me and I heard my mom say she would be bringing the one you made her, too. We will need a cozy reminder of home.

Thanks for all the hard work on the blanket and all the love....

Oh, and please excuse the pictures if they are blurry-I was a busy girl and wouldn't hold still for mom to get a good picture.



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