Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Update


We have been busy around here. This week, Hattie had an appointment with an ENT who recommended she have tubes put in her ears. (No surprise there as this is VERY common with CL/P Kids)

Hattie and I headed to Grand Rapids in the midst of the major wind storm and that proved to be an interesting drive. We were driving right into the wind and I seriously wondered if the hood of my car was going to blow off. Thanks goodness for the new Taylor Swift CD, Hattie and I enjoyed listening to that and she was a good little traveler. We left Wednesday and did some shopping and eating out and then on Thursday she had her appointment with the Surgeon. I liked him very much and appreciated that he took lots of time to explain how he does things and also answered any questions.

We were in there an hour and a half and Hattie was very good but getting tired. I didn't want to pull out my snacks for her as they had just told me they didn't want me giving her Cheerios or anything but Stage 3 type baby foods and the puff type snacks. (AHHHH, where were the puffs when I needed them? :) )

Anyway, Hattie had a clipboard with her questions for the Doctor and she took lots of notes. Check the photos!

The plan is to have tubes in her ears on Nov 8 here in TC. Then (we still are waiting on the dates) we will go to GR and have a partial lip repair done. 4 months after that we will take her to GR for her palate surgery and after that one more lip repair.

In other news, Hattie sure likes to go out to eat. One night in GR we went out for Mexican food; she enjoyed rice and black beans and guac.

After her appointment we went to Red Robin and she enjoyed a grilled cheese and mandarin oranges.

The best news? She is walking around giving kisses to us and when the boys come home she walks right up and hugs them and they love that. It is sweet to see that she knows and expects love and affection from all of us. What a wonderful thing!

More soon! We will use the blog to keep everyone updated on the medical journey we are on with Hattie. So keep checking back!!

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