Friday, August 27, 2010

Date Night in China

Last night, we decided we had had enough of trail mix and headed down to the lobby of the hotel for dinner. What an experience. We had to point to a table to be seated, then once we were a female hostess came over and slowly spread a cloth napkin across our laps. She then gave us each menus and hovered right there as we tried to decide what to order. I wanted to play a little game with you the readers to see if you could guess which dinner was Kory's and which was mine but here in China we are only able to email our posts and our pictures, we can't view our blog. (One family in our travel group has some special software that makes it seem like they are blogging from England when in fact, they are here in China)

Anyway, dinner. I haven't had much appetite yet, so I settled for Chinese Won-Ton Noodle Soup for 68 yuans (about 10 US dollars). I ordered, no problem. Kory though decided he needs a burger and fries. He had to work so hard to find out what kind of cheese options they offered. By the time he had explained over and over with hand gestures about cheese, we had four different girls around our table trying to figure out what he wanted. They tried to explain that he could have cheese, fried egg or bacon on his hamburger when all he wondered is what types of cheese were available. He finally just said yes and they took his order. He also ordered a chocolate milk shake. When the girl brought it out, she was giggling. We weren't sure why, but we smiled and went along. His milk shake was all fancy in a glass on a plate with a spiral pink straw. I ordered (boring, I know!) water no ice, and it came out with ice and all wrapped in a special napkin. I chose not to drink it due to the ice.

While we waited for our food the girls hovered right near us which was kind of strange to us but they were waiting to help us if we needed anything. Our table had a vase with beautiful fish swimming around inside, there was live piano music and it was just very nice. When my dinner came out is was gorgeous. It was delicious, too. Kory's burger DID come out with cheese on it and also piles lettuce. Very nice presentation. We had a really nice dinner and would go back down there again anytime.

Ok, a few misc. things to tell you. The reason China wants us to bring fresh uncirculated money is that they want to be able to circulate it a long time within China.

Also, one sight that I can't get over is seeing babies on the back of rigged up mopeds with no helmets on, just being held as the driver goes about his business. Yesterday, on our walk we saw a baby on a moped who was only like three months old, just a weird sight for us. No wonder car seats are not required around here.

When we left the acrobatic show last night and our guide said, Ok, now we need to the "cross the road" it was so funny to hear people in our group chorus "Oh, boy." You would have thought she was asking us to now sky dive. It truly is a bit crazy with the traffic. Lots of horns honking, people don't move for ambulances or police with flashing lights on, buses almost sideswipe at times as they go by, people ride in random fashion all over.

Well, we woke up at 3:30 this morning. Maybe, in a few more days we will be sleeping through the night? Well, that will depend on how Hattie sleeps. We will be receiving her in just two days, wow!

Today, we will go down for breakfast. Then we leave for the Great Wall at 8 am. It should be a full day, we are eating lunch out with our guide and should not be back to our hotel until after 5.

Thanks for the emails and all the prayers, we appreciate it!

Hayden and Culley, We love you and hope you are having fun with Graceful. We are looking forward to seeing the Panda Bears and will tell them you boys said Hello.

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