Monday, August 30, 2010

Hattie Day!

We will write all the details tomorrow, but for now, we knew you would most love the day in photos! We are loving it here in China and all went well receiving Hattie. It was very busy and loud and all happened quickly. Our only issue is trying to feed her, it is hard with her cleft lip/palate. Our guide was urging us to do as Chinese parents do and mash a banana or apple (yes, mash an apple!!) and feed it to her as well as her bottle and water so she can "make a poo-poo" Our guide told us if she does not make a poo-poo in four days she will take us to get Chinese medicine. She has not cried but instead has been very quiet and still, which is also a common way some kids act during this time. She is VERY curious of Kory and cranes her head to watch his every move, yet she does not really want me to set her down or have Kory hold her. So I hold her and he feeds her, we figured this way she will realize she needs us both! She is a smart and curious girl (not just about Kory) but she watches every thing and seems to be very serious. Her name means "beautiful thinker" according to Mary, our guide.

It is hard to describe, but for so long we have waited to come to China and get our "China baby" now we are really here and we really have her. So amazing. She is asleep on the bed and we will hope for a good night sleep!

Oh, one funny thing, when we were talking with Orphanage director she informed us that " Bo Siqiong has a personality like a boy and is always climbing and getting into things" and both Kory and I looked at each other and said, Oh, NO! We told her we are ready as our favorite three year old has trained us hard in this department! She laughed.

Maybe more details at 2 a.m. if our pattern holds. We are still not sleeping as we should.


  1. Beautiful!! Isn't it surreal? To think you've waited for so long, and now you're baby girl is in your arms. What a blessing!

  2. Oh I am crying! She is just beautiful and so tiny! We met with that same orphanage director lady! I am so happy for you all. Her shock will wear off soon and the tears and sadness will probably come. But smiles and giggles are just around the corner!!!

    Love to all!

  3. She's beautiful Meg! I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes, I am so happy for you and your family. 16 more days and I will be traveling to meet my daughter too. Hattie is absolutely a doll! I can't wait for our little girls to meet. Blessings and prayers going out to you!