Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Part 2 of First Full Day With Hattie

Good Evening from China!

We thought you might like to hear Part 2 of our first full day with Hattie. She has been such a brave girl. We can tell that she is really thinking today. Her eyes are so worried, it really breaks your heart. As we watch her in her grief, we also are seeing the first little glimpse into her real personality. Watch out, Culley, you may have met your match! When she woke up from her nap, she was smiling. Then she played a bit and for the first time pointed right at the container of Gerber Banana Puffs and made a little sound. She started shoveling them in her mouth. It made me nervous, only because I am not sure yet of how she really eats and drinks with her cleft lip/palate.

After this we all went down to the lobby to rent a stroller ( a little over a dollar US to rent per day, we have a carrier but we wanted to power walk!) She really enjoyed being in the stroller and we walked around the hotel to a beautiful little park, we watched big fish in a pond for a while and then decided we were not up for a long minute walk in this heat/humidity to go get lunch. It is so humid, your hair does not dry after your morning shower. Many families who are here at the hotel have told me they just gave up and let their hair do whatever it wants. Hattie and I went back to our room while Kory ventured out for lunch. This is when she got wild and crazy. She was walking around the room and going in the bathroom (shut that door, she is too short to reach the door knob!) then she walked over to her suitcase and sat there looking at it for a bit. Then she began to take each thing out and study it before throwing it on the floor. It was as if she was making sure she approved of what we brought for her. She took a pair of pink shorts and held them in such a way it looked like she was making sure the tag was the right size. By the time she was done the room looked typical after a baby is on the loose. I was glad to see her doing normal baby things and thought of our neighbor "Baby Cake" as it sounds like she has been into the same type of mischief.

We cleaned up that mess, had lunch and then Hattie came to me and climbed on my lap and went straight to sleep. I was tired so I moved to the couch and we both had a mini nap.

She seemed more sad this afternoon, if Kory tried to hold her she would just begin to cry and neither of us want to make her feel more scared, so I took her from him and she would quiet right away. Her cry was so brief but oh so heartbreaking, we could hardly stand it.

We decided an outing might be good to distract her so we went to the grocery store and slowly wandered around. As soon as we reached the books, Hattie reached out and seemed to recognize them. We bought her a book with chinese and english, a baby book. We also were amazed by an entire aisle of just baby lotions, powders and soaps. All in the cutest bottles and containers. Some were shaped like colorful mushrooms. Baby powder (Johnson and Johnson) comes in little round containers and you apply it with a powder puff! We had to get that for her as well. They had the cutest size baby wipes, too. They are the size of the little packs of Puffs. We picked up a sweet little set of pink baby chopsticks and also kids chopsticks for Hadyen and Culley. We bought rice cereal for Hattie in case we can't get the rice congee. We also bought the sweetest mini little cream cake with flowers, we plan to share that with Hattie tomorrow to celebrate her new life with us.

We also saw a display with pig snouts and dried fish (big fish!) chicken feet, we saw live turtle waiting to be purchased for dinner, buckets of eel, fish is displayed out on bed of ice, where anyone could touch it; tons of different kinds and colors of eggs all out at room temp!

While we walk around with Hattie, it is interesting to watch the reactions of the people around us. Some are so curious and seem happy to see a baby until they realize her lip is as it is, then they either stare more or study us as if to figure out what must be wrong with us to take her. We just smile at people and keep on moving. A few people tonight were so very kind. They chatted to me in Chinese while pointing to her lip and then would pat me on the arm.

We made it back to our hotel. It is only a 2 minute walk but the mopeds and bikes and traffic are just a wild sight. Enjoy the pictures.

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