Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Night

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the emails!

We should be sleeping but instead are awake. We went to bed 8pm but woke up at 2. Kory is studying the Beijing map while I hand washed our travel clothing and wrote a letter to the kids.(I thought they may like getting real mail.

We are drinking Jasmine tea (Abby, you would love the tea!!) and thinking we should get back to our board, I mean bed. It isn't too bad but it truly is a BOARD with bedding on it.

We wanted to share a few more photos with you.

Some of our hotel and our walk to the grocery store as well as a picture of our 3 a.m. tea time. The grocery store will be fun to go back to when we aren't so tired. We were so exhausted we couldn't even really enjoy ourselves. But we figured a good walk after our LONG day of travel would be good for us. It is very hot and muggy here. When we were walking to the store, we ended up in the midst of a group of men who were running. They were all in green and we weren't sure what/ who they were. On the walk back we discovered they were training to be firemen. They were out doing practice drills and such.

The grocery store was interesting. Big open bins of rice and lots of interesting fruits. The meat section was really intriguing but no way would I eat anything! Kory's eyes landed on Oreo Cookies. I thought I should stock up on boxes of kleenex for Hayden's class. They always need supplies like that and the kids would get a kick out of the characters on the box!

It is Friday and we should go back to bed. Breakfast is from 6-10a.m. I think we will head down early and then be ready for our 9:30 am meeting. Then we will exchange our money and head out for the acrobatic show.

Sorry, for any grammar issues, sleep deprivation!!

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  1. I am already loving all of the detail in your posts. Keep them coming with lots of pictures. Have fun sleeping on your board...I mean bed!!!

    Laura, Bailey's Mom