Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Morning From China!

Here are a few more pictures for those of you who love the details. This is the view from our room in the hotel, 6:45am. Note those "plate" type things on the top of the building.

The other photo is a picture of our room key in the power slot. I had heard of this before we came. You need to put your key in the slot in order to access power for the room. It has been quite interesting to watch Kory try and figure out how to turn on and off lights. Our nightstand has a row of buttons on it to turn on various lights, there are more buttons on the wall to push to turn the bathroom light on and the closet light goes off as long as your door is shut.

We are off to have our first breakfast in China. Have a good sleep back at home. (especially Culley and Hayden! Please be good sleepers for Uncle Mck and Aunt K!!)

I am craving a good strong cup of coffee. I wonder! If all else fails, I made sure to pack the packets of Starbucks Via and a travel mug:)


  1. Good Morning!! We have night two well in order. Hayden, Cully, Graceful, and Kristy are all in bed by 9pm??!!!! The boys have been wonderful and Cully has been a very good boy at bedtime. Night 2 and he hasn't got out once. Kristy handles H and G and I get Cully ready for bed and read to him. You should be proud of Hayden as he is being very helpful and responsible. If this is how it goes with three kids, Meg, you should have no trouble!! We all 5 rode bikes in the driveway and down the road. Cully gets kinda spooked when we head down that small incline so he and I hold hands and ride together until he slows down. We'll have to get a picture of that. Cully also informed us tonight at dinner that there's this goil (girl) at Ali's and he doesn't like her. Hope your day is good, and apply your Chinese language skills and talk to some locals about a really good cuppa joe. MCK

  2. Meg,

    Thank you for that memory of China!!!! I so forgot about the key in the holder for lights in the room, lol! They are quite ingenious. I hope you are enjoying the sites and smells of China. Can't wait to read more.