Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One more day at home

We have one more full day at home before leaving for China. It is still so hard to believe we are going after such a long wait.

Today, the kids and I went to a park and played. We had a few friends over this afternoon and ended up with our coffee cups in Hattie's room. It was nice to chat and slow down from the crazy pace.

We also finally got our renewed I171-H form and not by mail but by email. Now, all the loose ends are wrapped up.

Hattie's room is pretty much put together although one of her brothers has been spending lots of time in there wrapping up her baby doll in a blanket and reading her books and cooking up a storm in her play kitchen, so at times her room looks like a train wreck:) I am posting pictures of her room though as many of you have asked for a peek.

It is hard to explain how we feel, mostly just tired and ready to get going. We have researched and prepared and shopped with careful thought for baby clothing and clothing for us and for medicine and travel bags and just everything, to the point that we are just ready to go. We have left a binder of notes for our family and friends who will be helping with the kids, we dropped our dog off to be watched while we are gone, we have made more meals for the freezer and have wrapped a few things for the kids to open while we are away.

Tomorrow, we plan to take the kids to Moomers for ice-cream and just enjoy our time together.

Keep reading! Things are about to get much more interesting. Thanks again for so many kind offers of help and for your prayers and for your wishes for safe trip and such. It really does mean a lot. From our reading, we know we are about to go on a grand adventure.

A week from today we will have our Hattie Day. For those who aren't aware in adoption it is often called "Gotcha Day" when families receive their child. We personally, don't like that term. It sounds so unplanned and random and to me , it sounds like we are snatching her from something. We will call it Hattie Day. This has been a very lengthy process and one that has evolved since we began back in Fall of 2006. We want to celebrate Hattie and welcome her into our family with respect to her country and her culture and her foster family. We will try and gently transition her to us rather then "snatch"

We may post once more before we leave, but if not the next post will be from China! And you all are such silent readers, start leaving your comments!!!!!!!


  1. Have a GREAT trip. Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. I hope you will have many wonderful moments in China. I love to read your blog and I am very much looking forward to see the blog of Hattie Day!!!

    Wishing you all the best from Holland,

  3. Enjoy the long flight. Try and relax, read and mentally prepare yourself for your wonderful voyage in China! I am so excited to follow your trip! God bless you both!

    Adopted Bailey from Bobai, Guangxi 2/09