Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trying to Pack for China

This morning was a nice lazy morning at home. We were trying to pack and we met a bit of resistance. Each time, I would think I could get a pile neatly packed into the suitcase a little boy would lie on my lap and throw a foot in the suitcase. Or another little boy would put his head on my knee thus causing all packing to stop. We did manage to get most of our packing done though. We just have the last minute items to throw in on Wednesday morning. The focus for the rest of the weekend is Culley's birthday. He turns three!
Three reasons we love Culley;
1. He is charming and a flirt. He is quick to shower love.
2. He is our wild man. This at times is as frustrating as it is wonderful.
3. He is a snuggle boy and we sure love that about him.

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