Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Hot Day

We have learned that Hattie LOVES the pool. She kicks her legs and smiles from ear to ear, laughs and could stay in all day. We were in the pool for quite while this afternoon. Before, the pool she took a good nap so I went out alone to do some shopping, which was a treat. It is an odd feeling to be comfortable here in China and walking around alone! I tried to end my shopping time with a trip to Starbucks but the power was out in many areas on the Island, so no coffee for me.

Thanks to a tip from friends back home (thanks, Phelps family!!) my favorite shopping place was found not far from the hotel. All the proceeds go towards helping orphans in China and they had really special things. I bought a lot in there, including a dress and little purse for Hattie for Easter:)

They even had Bitty Baby and American Girl Doll clothing in Chinese style, quite cute.

We went out for a long walk (too long in this heat, I thought I was going to keel over!) to an old fashioned Chinese market. Narrow roads crammed with bins of dried orange peel, spices and lots of other items I couldn't even recognize. The way food is dealt with here is really a shock. On our walk today, there were men haggling over meat that was just in a bag laying in the road. It looked like ribs of some sort.
Then later, a man had his bare foot in a bin of peanuts. Yuck! When we walked over a bridge, women were trying to sell us some kind of animal claw on a necklace. That really freaked me out, it looked like dog or horse legs, for real!

Due to the heat, we just went to Lucy's again for dinner. Hattie refused her chicken congee, shut her mouth tight and shook her head no! I ate it instead and she drank her water and went crazy eating french fries. Once we get home and real life (rules and boundaries) begin, she may not be very happy with us!

Random comment, one man in our travel group made us all laugh as he said the next time they adopt they will go to Canada! The heat is really that awful.

Kory is out now shopping. Hattie and I were with him but left him with a pile of Chinese dresses for Hattie and headed back to the air conditioned room. We bought her size 2, 4, 6, and 8. In different colors and styles, but we have been told it is best to buy them here and that the girls love to wear them at random times as they grow up. That is the fun in talking with the other families here at the White Swan. Some have done this before and know the drill, others have heard tips from friends and all are willing to share with each other.

I think one of the best parts of this trip is meeting others and hearing their stories. Everyone is so happy to see the babies and kids and it is really amazing to look around at breakfast and realize ALL the families just gained a very special new family member and are enjoying their time bonding. It seems as if these kids are meant for the families they are in and we are in awe that we are a part of this process.

Well, I should wrap it up. Hattie is roaming the room with a pencil and paper and knows how to write. She looks like she is taking orders for dinner!

Tomorrow, we are going out with another family and our guide to do more pearl shopping. I really don't feel like we need anymore, but I would like to see the shop. we have heard the shops has BINS of pearls lining the walls and the ladies wills string the pearls as you wait. I figured we should at least see the place.

Then in the afternoon, we have our Oath at the Consulate. This process of paperwork is really winding down, which is bittersweet. Of course, we are relived but it also signifies the end of a very long dream and wait. We now have Hattie and other than the oath, picking up her Visa on Friday, and the flight home, the next BIG things is her little feet touching the ground in Chicago. That is when she officially is a US Citizen. We will be taking a picture for sure!

Talk to you later!

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