Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pool and Thai Dinner


A very quick post for this morning.

Yesterday, after we did the zoo, we were so hot. Hattie had slept in the taxi and was ready to keep on moving. We want to make sure we experience everything here, so we took her to the pool. There are three pools here and the one we went to was gorgeous with a waterfall. Hattie loved the pool and didn't seem nervous at all. We played in the water for about an hour and she kicked her legs and really enjoyed herself. She really couldn't figure out how daddy could swim underwater and then suddenly appear right in front of her. She looked mystified by this trick!

After the pool, we had about five minutes to get ready for dinner. Many families from our group decided to try a Thai place for dinner. It was excellent. I had to order a Thai Iced Coffee and Kory ordered a Thai Pineapple Drink. That inspired others to order drinks as they came out with flowers and such-see the pictures. We had thai spring rolls and chicken with cashews.

I was really tired from the long day and the heat and my stomach was feeling kind of off, which made me nervous. I was happy to walk back to the hotel and go to bed at 8pm.

Today, we need to be in our room by noon to make sure our paperwork with the consulate has no problems. Other than that, we are planning to have a late breakfast, hit the pool again, do some shopping around here and maybe go to Starbucks later to relax.

Tomorrow, we have the Red Couch Photos. We can't wait to see Hattie in her Chinese Silk Dress! Then it will be a costume change for our trip to the US Consulate and our oath taking; she will be wearing Red, White and Blue for that appointment!

Our time here in China feels like it is winding down. We know will be sad to leave China. This has been an incredible trip and very special. We have enjoyed our one on one time with Hattie and are grateful for the many things we have been able to do with her while here In China. We miss the kids though and will be happy to get home and back to a new kind or normal. When we left it was summer and now it will be the school routine when we return home.

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