Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday AM in China

Hello, Again. Kory had an interesting time trying to type out his blog post in the dark hotel room last night, so please excuse any of our blog (the whole trip!) for typos or whatever. We are usually tired and trying to hurry as we do the blog. I was so tired yesterday, I was ready for bed at 7:30.

Yesterday, was an hour of paperwork. It was so funny to be in a room with, I think, 8 other families all of whom have had the same piles of paperwork as us. I think we all are quite sick of papers! We also had a hard time yesterday as we need to have Chinese Paperwork from our Province yet it all looks the same! Anyway, we managed and unless I am forgetting something, I think even all our money is now paid. We had to pay 535 Yuan for our medicals and also 404.00 "crispy" US dollars for Hattie's Visa.

Today, I feel more rested and am ready for a day of touring. I am also thinking of looking into getting a message at the hotel later today. Now, I need to go get ready for the day. Not my favorite part as it takes FOREVER to dry my hair here. The blowdryers have a button that you have to hold down the entire time to keep it on-we have heard that husbands keep asking their wives why they are turning on and off the blow dryer.....:)

Stay tuned, we will write a much better blog post later....We love Hattie and already feel a great connection with her. She is smart, funny, loves to play, loves to snuggles. curious and she has a demanding streak, too!!

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