Monday, September 6, 2010

Tea in China

Hello from the White Swan.

We can now post a proper blog post. It is daylight and we can see what we are typing and doing! This morning we had a nice breakfast and then went out with our group to a park and to another place with beautiful architecture and plants. Hattie had a nice time taking in the sights from the Ergo carrier and then we let her log in some miles with her squeaky shoes. As Kory shared, she likes to stamp her feet just to hear the squeak.

It was so very hot today, babies and kids and adults, we were all just drenched in sweat. (Yes, a lovely picture for you!)

We came back to the hotel and I went right to bed for a nap. Kory took Hattie to the Swan Room and they had a nice time playing ball and with the toys. They then stopped by our guides room to pay for our evening outing in advance. We are all ordering pizza and going on a night time cruise along the Pearl River. We all decided we would forgo the fancy dinner cruise and go for casual.

After a short cat nap for me, we walked down to the Deli Shop for a light lunch. We had to get Hagen-Daz ice-cream bars for dessert and they were delicious. Hattie is loving all the new foods she has been trying and we think she and Culley will eat us out of house and home:)

She reminds us of Culley with food and Hayden with how she studies ad plays with toys. She will sit for a long time and do stacking cups or her other makeshift favorite has been using a plastic spoon and putting it inside a little cardboard box. Doesn't take much to entertain her.

The boys had a good time seeing Hattie on Skype. They seemed amazed that we really did come to China to get a real baby! They were so cute, kissing the camera on the computer. All we saw were lips up close:)

Anyway, after our ice cream we walked around and stumbled into a little shop. As we came around the corner, the shop owners invited us to sit down for tea. His family has a farm (not near here, we are in a big city) and they grow tea. He has learned how to hand tie the tea into balls. When you steep the tea it unfurls into a flower shape and is so beautiful. They had a low little tea table and tiny little cups. They served us many cups of tea and taught us all about when they drink the various ones. They use the old tea leaves, after it dries, to fill pillows. They believe this is good for your brain. By this time we were sweating, and Hattie had fallen asleep in her carrier. We wanted to buy some tea and maybe a tea set, but told them we will come back tomorrow. It was a very special time and another favorite memory.

Well, I am off to take another short nap. A few people in our group are sick and I want to stay on top of things. I think for many, the jet leg has finally faded but the stress (good stress, but still stress!) has taken a toll. Kory thinks I have not slept enough on this trip and he is probably right. I will make up for lost time now and hope to stock up before we get home when the real fun will start!

We have seriously loved every minute of this trip. We are grateful that we were able to stay in three places in China. Nanning is where we feel we really got a peek into life in China. Beijing and Guangzhou are nice, but are big cities and at times have a more tourist flavor.

I will say Guangzhou is like a tropical haven though, a very nice place!

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  1. She is so precious! I loved Shamian Island, but remember how hot it was when we were there. (May)
    It seemed liked my hair and skin was always soaked. Don't forget the squeaky shoes. I wish I had bought more when we were there. I love seeing all of the pics. Blessings.