Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Reality!

For those who have asked how we are doing-here is is in a nutshell.

1. Hayden had a loose tooth and it decided to come out the night we were home. Chinese Yuan probably wouldn't have fit the bill, so American money was sought and not easily found in 1 dollar bills. There are a few crisp 100's left, but that wasn't happening! A pile of quarters had to do the trick.

2. Culley is mad at me. He says he wants me to go back to China so he can live with Grandma.

3. Sadie, our 11 year old dog, decided it would be the perfect time to become incontinent while we were away. Thus, our first day back to real life a lovely trip to the vet was on the agenda.

4. Jet lag and Sleep deprivation have left me waking up with the oddest thoughts. This morning I thought we were on a boat. I truly had no idea where we were when I woke up. I have also had dreams that in order to change Hattie's diaper, I had to go through security checkpoints. Wouldn't that be fun?

5. I still can't seem to get ready for the day. I tried to take a shower this morning. Hattie doesn't like me to be out of her sight. She opened the shower curtain, sending water all over the wood floor and her just put on outfit. I had the world's quickest shower, cleaned up the floor and redressed the baby.

6. Tried to leave to take the dog to the vet. Strapped Hattie in her car seat (remember no car seats in China) she tolerated it. I strapped Culley in and went to get the dog. Hattie started crying. Culley freaked out and he started crying and yelling at her to stop crying which made her cry more and I was frozen in place trying to decide what in the world I should do.

7. Culley informed me he is NOT a big brother. Hayden is a big brother, Hattie is a baby sister and he is just Culley.

8. Kory just troops on as usual. Nothing ruffles him and he was off to work like he was all rested up.

9. Hattie is afraid of the cat and dog. This puzzles Kory. He said, "she can hold a baby tiger but she can't be in the same room with the cat?"

10. You know you are back to reality when during dinner your new code word with your spouse is simply, "China" as in, "I know the flight is awful and things can be weird in China but doesn't it sound nice to go back to China -when everyone is whining about not liking beans and being suddenly allergic to tomatoes?"

11. Then you remember that you were made to make a bottle in front of the security at the airport and told to take a drink ( I AM NOT KIDDING!!!) and you decide you will deal with dinner and chaos and spilled milk as it sure is nice to be back with your family!!!


  1. Ha! Super funny and so true! It will get better soon. Bailey was only afraid of our dog for a few weeks. It took Ben about six weeks to stop being so mad at having to share his mommy with a baby sister. This is a big transition for everyone for sure!

    Sending you hugs!

  2. Ah yes...sounds very familiar! And your post about the formula reminded me of something I had completely forgotten! We were detained by airport security for having open formula!! It was ridiculous!!

    Hope things settle down soon. Fridays a bunch of us adoptive moms go to Buds in Interlochen (with our little ones) to chat. Diane goes too! Join us if you can! :)