Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finally American Food

Saturday evening the whole group met and went out to dinner at Lucy's, the first American style restaurant (other than fast food) we'd seen since arriving in China! We were soooooo looking forward to it. In fact, I had just said to Meghan a couple days prior "what I'd wouldn't do or pay for a big hamburger right now". Apparently, everyone else must have felt the same way. It actually seemed a little strange to look around the table and see hamburgers, french fries, steak, fried chicken, salmon, etc. I ended up ordering what they called fried chicken (actually boneless deep-fried chicken strips) that came with french fries and a couple onion rings. Meghan ordered Orange chicken with white rice, it was like "American" Chinese food rather than the authentic (weird-my opinion) Chinese food that we had been eating. Hattie stuck with chicken congee.

After dinner we wandered around the hotel gift shops and eventually came upon the Swan Room that we had heard and read about. The Swan Room is a large room full of toys that the hotel maintains for all the adopted children that circulate through there. The toys are provided by Matel. Hattie really enjoyed our visit and particularly enjoyed a keyboard type toy. A couple other families also came in while we were there and Hattie like to watch the other kids play as well.

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