Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Again!

So it sounds like you all are missing us? Ok, we can't promise we will keep this blog up until Hattie is 18 but we will do our best!

We have been home almost a week. It has been quite interesting/difficult around here if I am honest. Hattie has been wonderful. She fits rights in and takes it all in stride. I was worried that the noise of of our two boys would be too much for her, but she actually seems to like the activity and energy. (ha-see, I am trying to be positive by saying ENERGY!)

The real deal is that Mr. Culley is not too thrilled to have been booted out of his baby in the family position. He is not a happy camper. It has been a rough week as he has been whining, crying, complaining, grumbling, fit throwing, etc. Thank goodness he is not mean to his sister, but he is not being his normal sweet self.

For those who will be traveling to China, just have a heads up. Your trip will be great-your first week (please let it be only a week!) at home will not be so great. No one warned me!

So, since I have such a hard time sharing my true feelings, why don't I just paint the picture for you. Since we have been home, I have held Hattie probably 23 hours a day. With one hand, I have set the table with-thank goodness for nice neighbors- meals that were made for us. I have attempted to get things unpacked and put away. This means out of the suitcase and on the hearth. Then to the stairs. Then to the bed. Then to the chair, etc. So, our room looks TERRIBLE and there isn't much I can do about it right now.

As I give Hattie a bottle and rock her(which is another new thing for her-no rocking chairs in China, can you believe that??) Hayden struts by in his latest dress up outfit. Culley just whirls around singing about "twinkle twinkle little poop" as he is ready to get in big boy unders and only talks about poop. And Hattie, just keeps poping her head up checking out her new world.

Good news-the last two nights she has slept in her crib all night, which was great for us.

Crazy news? I thought since everyone wanted to see Hattie we would have a first birthday/welcome home Hattie party. We mailed our invitations from Chicago Airport on our way to China. We had the party tonight. Yes, less then a week after getting home. But everyone wanted to see her and rather than have lots of visitors scattered we figured it would be nice to have a casual party and have everyone at once. She did great but stayed in my arms almost the whole time. So one handed coffee brewing was done tonight. Cake and ice cream duty was delegated to Kory. Kory's parents were called to pick up pizza and Sams made the cake and supplied the other goodies.

The boys were excited to wear their Chinese outfits.

Random News you need to know (sounds like a book series, what do you think?)

Hattie goes to Target. (she loved it)

Hattie goes to Miss Heathers. (had a playdate!!)

Hattie goes to school. (Hayden had to show her off)

Hattie scares Culley. (when she cries)
Hattie and the Bottle. (she now will "allow" Kory to rock her and give her a bottle)

Enjoy the pictures!

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