Saturday, September 25, 2010


You all want blog posts? I am not too sure if that is a good idea right now. But you can count on me to be honest. I am crabby. I am tired. I am frustrated. (no regrets, just longing for order in my life again and 10 minutes of peace and my bed to myself and a chance to get something accomplished.

Hattie is great, although still very clingy to me. She reached her arms out to Kory last night as he headed down to play with the other kids. He took her and said, "Oh, you want to go to the fun room?" She already knows there will be noise, hysterical laughing, rough housing and she is ready to get right in the midst. In fact, if I tickle one of the boys, she giggles and throws herself on the floor and is ready to be tickled too.

She had been doing really well sleeping in her own room, in her crib all night. But that seems to have gone out the window and she has been back in our bed, which means no sleep for us.

I am really unsure of how much to push some of these issues. Part of me wants to help her understand the rules here in our house (sleep in your own bed, fall asleep on your own etc.) yet I am sensitive of all she has been through and don't want to add to her issues. So, we are taking a middle of the road approach;trying to gently introduce the rules but not being cut and dry just yet about it. Maybe that is wrong? I have no idea. I will say that I am sick of not getting a shower so today, I put her in her crib with the lights on, a little stack of books and toys and told her I would be back in a minute. I could hear her crying all the way down the hall as I took a shower. Then I had an even more clingy girl when the shower was done-ugh!

Culley is still unhappy. He has for the most part been kind to his sister but today I caught him throwing a rubber block at her (it is soft, but still!) so he was sent to his room.

I think the hardest part has been trying to get a break. How do you get a break when you have to rock one kid to bed with a bottle for at least an hour, then another kid breaks the rules by yelling for you and the kid you just rocked is now startled awake? I am telling you all, this has been driving me NUTS!!!!!!! And it is all day and night. Maybe, we had too good and easy of a time in China? But home has been a RUDE Awakening.

Anyway, feel free to give me ideas.

Hayden loves his new sister and dotes on her like crazy, it is so cute. Also, last night he informed me that although the meal was good it wasn't like MY recipe for meatloaf. A sweet neighbor brought us dinner last night and all of us enjoyed it-even Hattie! Anyway, he said he was really into my cooking about a year ago and then not so much. (Maybe a health food quick ruined his enjoyment? ) but he said, he is "kinda liking my cooking again"

Ok, over and out. Sorry to be so crabby......just keepin it real.


  1. Hey you! One of the biggest things I can tell you is to give yourself a LOT of grace these first weeks home. It will take time and you will be exhausted but EVENTUALLY things will feel normal and you will even have a blessed 10 minutes to yourself when you need it. Your mommy gut is your best friend right now. You are right to take a shower when you need one, even if you have to plunk her down somewhere safe and let her cry while you do it. At the same time, you are also right in not letting her cry it out (right now)in her crib all alone to go to bed at night... she is building trust with you. Some of my friends have put a mattress on the floor in baby's room and slept on that mattress until baby was comfortable going to sleep alone in the room.

    Hang in there and just know that it WILL get better! If you ever want to chat or vent you can call me or come over for a visit, or whatever you need to do. Just shoot me an email at hollykladder(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  2. You are cracking me up! The first few weeks are hard especially after how easy and enjoyable the China trip is. I had a twin bed in Bailey's room and slept in that for a few weeks rarely with her just near her crib and I transitioned myself out of there gradually. Bailey has been an excellent sleeper ever since. It sounds like you are having to hold Hattie a little more than I held Bailey. Do what she needs you to do. You are doing something truly amazing. Take time to know this!


  3. Oh Holly said, do give yourself grace. It's SO not easy. If you want momma time, let me know and we can get together! It helped me SO much to be out and about with other moms. :)