Friday, September 3, 2010

Last day in Nanning, China


We thought we would write now because it may be a late night.

We all slept pretty well and headed down for breakfast. Do you see the pattern here? Today, Hattie went down to breakfast and enjoyed sitting in her highchair. Our guide told us to have her try dragon fruit. So we sliced that up with watermelon and she pounded it, as my brother would say. She also ate some congee, but seems to be less interested in that each day. Mary tells us this happens once the babies taste Cheerios they aren't so fond of congee. Dragon fruit comes from Vietnam (three hours by train from Nanning) and is pinkish purple. Once peeled, it is white with black seeds. I am a bit egged out, so today had a healthy breakfast of pastry. Surprisingly, the pastries here are wonderful.

We have enjoyed meeting the other families here. Some are from Norway and one couple is from Canada. They adopted a little (ADORABLE!!!!) boy from Bo Bai County also. There was one other girl from Bo Bai, a five year old girl. We are going to try and meet today to take photos of the kids together.

After breakfast, our laundry was delivered by the most smiling and friendly man. We couldn't believe our eyes at how tiny our clean stack of laundry was-everything was just perfect. I told Kory his khaki shorts have never looked better! I think they must iron everything.

We then met Mary at 9 to go to a Minority Museum. The culture here is very diverse and beautiful yet very complicated. We would like to buy some books at home to better understand the various minority groups here. It was very difficult to concentrate on the museum because we kept getting swarmed by people wanting to take our picture. The first time it was kind of cute, but we seriously couldn't make a move without being asked to pose. One guy asked me my name and I told him Angelina Jolie and he just nodded....I don't think he understood my
joke:) But from then on we were Brad Pitt and Angelina. It is such a strange feeling to think people want to take a picture with us because we are white. The way they were acting, you really would have thought we were celebrities. We ended our time in the museum by picking out love balls to hang in Hattie's room. We will post pictures of that later.

We left the museum and went back to the Pearl Store. We picked up a few gifts. We could spend all day in there, the pearls are gorgeous and the prices are unbelievable; black pearls, pink pearls, purple pearls and of course white. Kory was in his glory shopping in there-it was fun to just hold Hattie and take it all in. A woman walked up and just took Hattie right out of my arms and was talking with her. She was ok, but my mind starting racing, like "what if this woman just took of running with her?" and crazy thoughts....I was so unsettled until I had her back. I am told this is very common here in China.

Now, Hattie is sleeping. Kory is doing some work and we will be checking out of our hotel later this afternoon and heading for Guangzhou. It should be only an hour flight and then we will be settling in to the White Swan hotel. We are so looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the group to see their babies/children and hear all about their times in their province.

This trip has been out of this world. We are so grateful we have had this opportunity and experience. Hattie is wonderful and feeling better each day. Today, she has been babbling and reaching for things, climbing, throwing her sippy cup, engaging us in play and feeling more comfortable with Kory, too. We already love her and can't imagine not having her in our family. We will be excited to see her with her big brothers.

Thanks again for all the nice emails, we look forward to checking email and hearing from all of you.

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