Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hayden is on a Mission


I am not so crabby at the moment so thought I should write.

Kory is giving Hattie her bottle and rocking her tonight. I read books with the boys and tucked them each in-which led to a great conversation with Hayden. He has joined me in my passion to adopt from China. (yes, I still have a passion to adopt despite my fatigue at the moment). Yesterday, during dinner he was quite matter of fact as he said, "When we adopt a baby from China next time, Can we go with you? " I was cheering wildly as Kory and I exchanged looks-right now, Kory is still seeing dollar signs:)

Anyway, tonight at bedtime Hayden told me he really likes Hattie. We were talking about adoption. I asked him what the word adoption means. He mulled it over and said, "It is when you bring people into your family forever" I asked him who in our family is adopted, He said, Daddy, Me, Culley, Hattie, Sophie (the cat) and Sadie (the dog). I told him, "hey, no fair, I am the only one in this family who is not adopted!!!" He thought that was pretty funny. I think that fact is cool!

Hattie is doing very well. She enjoys playing with her play kitchen. She mostly loves playing with her brothers. She becomes very animated when they are around. She loves to eat. She loves to have a bath. She likes being outside and in the car. The only thing she doesn't seem to excel at is related to sleep. We are just going to keep working on that one.

Today, we played outside a bit and walked to the neighbors to drop something off, ended up having a playdate. Boys had haircuts, I actually made a meal from the newest Food Network Magazine, while Hattie yelled at me from her seat.

Tomorrow, while the boys are doing their normal Tuesday morning routines, Hattie and I are picking up grandma to go shopping. Grandma wants to go girl shopping and have Hattie "spend grandpa's money" :)

Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Who knew this part of the process would be the one that was the most difficult?

Before you all email me- yes, we DO want to adopt again from China if possible. Doesn't every girl need a sister? The boys though want a little Chinese brother now, too.....uh-oh! But the process is expensive and if the Bush Adoption Tax Credit is cut, who knows what will happen.

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